I spotted the sign and thought, why not?
An estate sale was in progress and since I found a parking spot on the street, I decided to see what treasures the house held.
As I entered, the women conducting the sale greeted me with a smile and told me, “There’s something in every room.”
The kitchen cupboards held casserole dishes and stemware. Silver pieces covered the dining room table. The pantry shelves contained rows of cookbooks. All were reminders of days gone by, reflections of a household no longer needed.
Did the owners move to a senior living residence? Did they expect to leave their belongings behind? Did they think they would stay in this home until their last breath?
The upstairs closet contained only women’s clothing. Had she passed? Or had he died years ago, and she passed? Or were these clothes the woman knew she’d never wear again in her new residence? The wardrobe boasted attractive and stylish clothing of the past; classy and classic. I speculated she used her silver pieces and dressed for fancy dinner parties.  I tried to imagine life once in the home. Now strangers passed through the house, evaluating, considering, picking up treasures, or passing by. Are the children disposing of the property and contents? I had questions, but no answers.
My curiosity kept me moving through the large house. When I entered another bedroom, I paused. Two wedding gowns were hanging on curtain rods on widows. Large gold gift boxes that once held the gowns, rested nearby on the floor. I read the label: “Preserved for a Lifetime of Loveliness”. Did the gowns belong to daughters? Why didn’t they want them? And…have the gowns have lasted longer than the marriages? Was the marriage not preserved for a lifetime? Is that what the brides expected?
Expectations: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.
We all have expectations. Some are more dramatic than others. They may be dreams, hopes, or common-sense practical anticipation. Some expectations are realized and bring joy and success; other expectations fail and yield disappointments. Some are minor, some serious.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.
(Proverbs 13:12 NLT)
Rain keeps us from enjoying a day at the beach.
Writers hope to have an article or book published but they are rejected by editors.
A young woman thinks her boyfriend will propose but he has cold feet and they break-up.
My cheesecake flops when I take it from the oven.
A teen goes out for a sports team and doesn’t make the cut.
A husband dies and retirement dreams are extinguished.
My connecting flight is delayed and I miss most of a reunion.
The deal on a dream house falls through.
A friendship disintegrates.
A diagnosis changes the trajectory of life.
The marriage isn’t preserved for a lifetime.
Expectations come in the form of time, relationships, dreams, emotions, and success.
How do we manage unrealized expectations? What keeps us moving forward in disappointments?
Can you offer words of wisdom and encouragement from your experiences? Join the conversation to guide us. Don’t we want to be preserved for a lifetime of loveliness?

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