Time is valuable and we never get it back. 

At the end of each holiday, when saying good by to go home, my grandmother said, “Another_____ has passed.” I never quite understood her words, which I have come to realize were almost a ritual, but I do now. Time passes. She observed it, knew it, and embraced the reality.

Another Thanksgiving has passed.

Perhaps you said goodby to long distance family, met or missed an on-line shopping deadline with “just hours left”, and gained a pound or two.  Another Thanksgiving has passed.

We’re now into To Do lists and meeting expectations for gift lists and get-togethers. We’re into stress and fatigue. We are into hours of busyness.

So teach us to number our days and apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12 NIV

How do we
thoughtfully measure our days? We  record commitments and appointments on our December calendar. We count items on our To Do lists.

Can we do what counts? 

On December 26, you might sigh and hear yourself say, “Another Christmas has passed.” I’ll say it. I do every year. I hope I’ve done what counted.

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