Within minutes of arrival on Fripp Island, my friends and I spotted deer prancing across grass. Two came to our car.

Later, we saw a flock of egrets, an alligator, and a statuesque grand blue heron. Fripp is not a beach with a boardwalk and crowds, but an island charmed by wildlife. I spent the week quietly enjoying natural beauty with good friends. What’s not to like about drinking morning coffee greeted by a spectacular sunrise overlooking an ocean?

One day we ventured  to Hunting Island. Staring at the lighthouse, we asked each other, “Is the view worth the climb?” In agreement, we bought a ticket and climbed several flights. Posters with information were strategically located so we could rest and read. We ascended the circular staircases, and waited for others coming down. They successfully climbed to the top. We were encouraged.


Once we reached the top, we had our answer, the view was worth the climb.

Years ago, a lighthouse keeper carrying fifty pounds of oil each day, knew the climb was essential. A lighthouse keeper’s family lived isolated lives. They thought their sacrificial climb fulfilled their calling. Today, tourists climb to view unequaled beauty of beaches, a magnificent ocean, blue sky, and amazing foliage from the top!

Is the view worth the climb? We ask that question even when a lighthouse isn’t the subject.

What view am I after? Am I willing to climb to see it?  Our climbs are an investment of time, energy, and sometimes, sacrifice, but Habakkuk reminds us, “The Sovereign Lord is my strength; He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.” Habakkuk 3:19
Maybe your climb is exercising patience as you navigate a relationship,
Or developing character by listening instead of talking when making decisions with a group,
Or appreciating a different viewpoint and recognizing yours isn’t the only valid perspective,
Or preparing a meal for the enjoyment of friends and family gathering around your table,
Or a sleepless night with a baby knowing he receives comfort as you rock him,
Or a long drive to visit loved ones,
Or hard work to achieve a goal,
Or hours spent studying to learn,
Or persevering in a project,
Or personal discipline in particular areas,
Or waiting for an answer,
Or waking up early to see a spectacular sunrise,

Habakkuk reminds us we don’t climb alone. And as we climb, we encourage others. So.. what climbs have you made? Were they worth the view?

What climb are you considering? Do you think it will be worth the view?

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