Two and a half hours with a two-year old. What do you picture? Crumbs, sticky hands, scattered toys? My morning didn’t include any of those, though I did fill a sippy cup with juice.

I planned a “Show and Tell” experience and walk through my yard to show and tell my grandson about my flowers.  

At our first stop, before I could utter a word, he exclaimed, “Pink!”

We walked to the next area and I waited. “White flowers.
I smell. I touch.”

At each interval, he admired, proclaimed, and enjoyed. Yes, out of the mouths of babes…

I took a pair of scissors with me and cut peonies. He held each flower for me as if they were gold. Weren’t they?

Once inside, I found a vase in my cupboard. He watched every move. I filled the vase with water, cut the stems to fit, then arranged the flowers. I stood back and he exclaimed,

Yes, with no prompt from me, out of his mouth and heart came, “Wow!”. His smile matched the words.
I had plans that morning to show and tell, but my toddler grandson showed and told me.

What adults often ignore, he saw as extravagance.
What we see around us as common, he embraced as a treasure.
Oh, that we would walk through our day, recall the gifts of God and take time to stop and say, “Wow!”.

Two and a half hours with a two -year old: an extraordinary treasure in an ordinary day. After his Mom picked him up, I closed the door behind me. Out of the overflow of my heart, I spoke, “Wow!”

What about you? What treasures have you captured today?

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