What did you think when you read JUNE on the calendar?  School’s out! Vacation! Graduations! Weddings! Half a year has passed?

In January many made resolutions or goals. Perhaps you blocked days for certain plans on a calendar. Did you choose a word or a Bible verse as a focus for the year? Some decided to journal meditations from Bible reading or write reflections and prayers.

Employers often have a six-month review to check on meeting goals or making progress in developing an expertise. What if we did the same? Not in the workplace, but comparing ourselves with ourselvesfrom January to June?  Here are some ideas for a six-month review:

  •      Read through your journal. Do you see a recurrent theme, scripture, phrase, or word? Are you listening? How have you responded?
  •      Has a prayer been answered or shifted?
  •      Have you met people who have enriched your life?
  •      Have you been personally changed through a particular Bible study?
  •      Have you seen your word or Bible verse for the year come alive?
  •      How have you seen God’s faithfulness?
  •      Have you made a decision that was difficult (or easy) and you saw God work?
  •      Have you made progress toward a goal?
  •      What is your progress toward living in gratitude?
  •      Where are you heading?

Six-month reviews are helpful for growth and re-valuation in the workplace. They are intended to keep employees on track and make necessary changes. What if we applied that practice and principle to our personal and spiritual growth? Not to add guilt, but to add growth. You might want to print off the above questions or write them in your journal. 

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.  

That’s a promise. Let’s look back in December with a year-end review and smile because of changes in our personal spiritual growth.

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