Good morning!

I’ve been busy writing in a few other places and want to share two of them with you.

What do T-shirts and love have in common? Find out at

And… although summer is winding down, I had a good laugh with a Facebook post on swimwear. I had recently been to a writers’ conference and saw a comparison analogy. We all fall into the comparison trap whether or not we are writers. We compare bank accounts, health, appearance, success, and families. So, look at this post about comparison.

These may appear to be two different thoughts, but not really. If we think about it, when rooted in God’s love we can best love others. When rooted in God’s love, we are confident in His love and thankful for the unique way He made us.

Look for a way to show love today.

Well into the first semester, here are 15 Timely Thoughts to Encourage College Freshmen

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