Christmas treasures. One, for me, is listening to a recording or watching a performance of Handel’s Messiah during December.  At the other end of the continuum is watching the wonder and excitement of children as they smile at the sight of decorations and lights. And one of my traditional treasures is Christmas baking. I shared a story about our family tradition in Mom’s Red Tin in a compilation, Additional Christmas Moments.

My Mom loved to bake and reflections of her standing over her mix-master baking our favorites is a treasured memory. I have my Mom’s list in a shadowbox in my kitchen. My baking list is bound with a rubber band in a notebook covering over forty years. I’ve pared down the number of recipes over the years, but we still have non-negotiable favorites. While I was in Kentucky my granddaughter and I baked my mother’s chocolate drops. Just yesterday, my daughter Kate reminded me not to forget Hershey kiss cookies.

Some of our cookies have unique ethnic flavors-anise and figs. Some are time and labor intensive-like cut-outs, biscotti pizelles, and cuchidatis (Have I lost you here? Check it out😊)

Who doesn’t enjoy a platter of Christmas cookies for a holiday gathering? Or opening a cookie tin and trying to take just one cookie?

Time often doesn’t allow us to do what we’d like.  I’ve collected a few “easy peasy lemon squeezy” recipes if you are short on time but long on interest. There’s not a hint of lemon in any of them, but you will like the taste and the assortment. Easy peasy Christmas Cookies is my gift to you. Enjoy the treasure of Christmas baking and then the treasure of sharing. There will be love in every bite.

What are your Christmas treasures?

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