When my girls were little, I packed healthy school lunches. The other day, my daughter Kate reminded me no one ever wanted to trade lunches with her. A turkey sandwich, fruit, or yogurt wasn’t appealing. Kids wanted chips, Twinkies, and Little Debbie’s.

Whenever we trade, we expect to get something better. Kate’s friends didn’t realize her lunch was more nutritious than theirs. There was more benefit in fruit than in chips or Twinkies, but they settled for something they thought looked and tasted better. We settle for inferior products too—especially when it comes to peace.

Jesus bequeathed peace to us. “My peace I leave with you,” (John 14:27). When Jesus left earth, He promised the Holy Spirit would come. We are assured of the power and comfort of the Holy Spirit, but we opt for other heart conditions. We may trade inferior products for peace. It may be:

Busyness—how will I get everything done?

Fear–how will we pay our bills?

Worry–what will happen next?

Doubt—do I have the skills to tackle a project? Will I fail?

Conflict-Why can’t they see my point of view?

Are you looking for something better? Take your bequest—your gift and inheritance: peace. Trade it for the inferior products you’ve been holding.

It’s the beginning of new year. Can you intentionally “let the peace of Christ rule in your heart today…” (Colossians 3:15) and make trades that enrich you and those around you? Where will you start?

(Incidentally, Kate is now an adult. She avoids chips and sugary snacks and chooses fruit. Much to my delight, she’s also learned the benefits of accessing God’s peace.)

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