As my daughter Kate and I explored the hobby of jewelry making, we didn’t know how complicated and costly it would be. It was fun to imagine finished pieces, but choosing patterns, stones, beads, and appropriate clasps to finish the pieces was time consuming.  Each part had its purpose and the result would make a statement and a difference.

When I won a door prize of a beautiful hand-made necklace at the Enrich conference, I didn’t take lightly the time, care, and work involved Katy Kauffman put into in crafting such a beautiful piece. I appreciated her gift and wear the necklace as a reminder of that sweet time together.

In comparing jewelry to words, we see words make statements, but scripture says they surpass valuable metals and jewels.

Wise words are more valuable than much gold and many rubies. (Proverbs 20:15 NLT)

Words can encourage and heal. Light conversation might bring laughter, alleviate stress, or offer a breath of fresh air. A word at the right time can motivate us to persevere in a challenge. Sometimes words may be difficult to speak, but necessary to confront and speak truth in love. Words can change our day and sometimes, the direction of our life. The NIV translation says, “lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel.”

On the other hand, poorly chosen and thoughtless words can lead to misunderstandings and damage, or even break relationships.

Have you been on the receiving end of life-giving words?  Or have you had a front row seat to receiving hurtful words and know you don’t want to follow that pattern?

Each component of handmade jewelry has a specific place and a purpose. The result is a statement of beautiful jewelry. Words, when intentionally selected and appropriate, make a difference too. They can even be extraordinary treasures someone will keep as a sweet reminder.

How can your words be a precious statement today to complement someone’s life?

Katy Kauffman will be part of Bible Study Expo in March. You’ll learn about her Heart Renovation study and other Bible studies at this “party”.

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