Although January is Hot Tea Month , tea lovers at Holiday Insights created Tea for Two Tuesday, celebrated on the third Tuesday in March. 

Tea for one, sipping while reading or pondering is a respite and a piece of serene-tea. When I add soft instrumental music to the background, I often call it a “selah”, the word we find in Psalms, a pause that refreshes.

Tea for two, adds a friend to the scene, perhaps a time to share confidences or laughter.

Tea for many is definitely a party.  All have one thing in common- the experience of refreshment.

Last week, I co-hosted a tea party for fifteen. My friend Mary Anne and I had just as much fun planning as in sharing afternoon tea with sweet friends. It wasn’t about the fancy teapots, china tea cups, the menu, or the place setting–though we gave it much thought to make the women feel special- it was about the joy of friendship.

W enjoyed traditional scones, sandwiches, and desserts. Our friends tried new teas-decaffeinated Earl Grey and peach tisane, but friendship, laughter, and conversation were our focus.

Yes, we need solitude and time to sip alone, but tea with friends is priceless.  Invite someone, or several, to “take tea” with you this month. Maybe you’re free on the third Tuesday; but you can call friends on the fourth Wednesday, too. We don’t need a designated day.

Tell us about the joy you experienced. I’ll plug in my electric tea kettle and steep a cup of tea while I read your comments.


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