My granddaughter was about to leave for school and as we had one last hug, I thanked her for sharing her room with me and for the fun time we had over the Easter holiday.

“We did lots of new things,” she said pressing her head into my shoulder.

“Yes—we baked Italian Easter bread together.”

And then she began a list. “We went to Longwood Gardens, church for Good Friday and washed each other’s feet. You rode a go kart and shot a cannon.” We laughed at the last two. I gave her a kiss and a tight squeeze and off she walked to the bus stop.

Those five days together were filled with opportunities.

I could have baked the Easter bread alone while she and her brothers played. I wouldn’t have had to retrieve a speck of eggshell from the mixing bowl or clean up a spray of flour from the counter, but young hands touched mine and we made a memory.

I could have said no to a visit to Longwood Gardens and chosen to sit on the deck back home, but I would have missed the spectacular colors and varieties of flowers-and a lesson in the never-ending variety of God’s creation.

And I could have stayed in my comfort zone and not heard the applause and cheers from adults and four grandchildren when I came down the street in a go kart. Yes, for the first time in my life I drove a go-kart.

I traded messes for moments and memories.

And standing in awe of God’s breathtaking creations never gets old.I stepped out to a lesson showing even a grandmother learns new things.

Missed opportunities are never regained. What about you? What’s standing before you today? Will you welcome the mess, get out of your comfort zone, and stand in awe of what God does? Share with us. We’d love to hear.

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