My Dad gave me a love for words and books. One of my favorite memories of him, is sitting in his favorite chair reading. I grew up with lots of books in my home, but his collection was unusual; some were in different languages. When he connected with other immigrants, particularly tailors, he learned to converse in their language. He knew how hard it was to learn English, and he told me, “I wanted to make it easier for them.” It was a sad day when his eyesight failed, and he couldn’t read a book or newspaper.

Just a few of my treasures-Dad’s books.

When I worked as a speech-language pathologist in long-term health care, some of my patients had lost their ability to read fluently or recognize letters and words.

Do we take the extraordinary treasures of reading and the availability of books for granted?

Created in 2003 by the National Book Foundation, this month-long celebration focuses on the importance of reading, writing, and literature.  So as we begin the month of October, I’d like to celebrate National Book Month and literacy with a give-away.

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Drawing will take place on October 31 so you can spread the news to others and we can celebrate the whole month.

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