Thanks for sharing your reading experiences on the last blog post. I enjoyed reading every comment. Some took me to a trip down memory lane.

The bookmobile! A library on wheels. Just going inside to air conditioning was a relief from a hot summer day, but to find just the books I wanted was icing on the cake. Incidentally, when I searched for a photo of a bookmobile, images of a mobile phone with a book popped up. Look for a future blog discussion post on that.

Saturday trips to the library with my own card. I still see the librarian stamping the due date with precision to stay on the lines. My friend Patty and I would compete to see who could fill the front of the card first, then on to the back, and need a new card. When did you get your first library card?

Book series: one of my joys as a Mom, was finding the Betsy-Tacy series in a specialty store years ago while shopping with my oldest daughter. That simple errand became a treasure-not only buying candy making supplies, but I bought the first two books, then found the others. Just as I did as a child, my daughter devoured the series set at the turn of the century. When she became a Mom, she passed them on to her daughter. Have you had books passed down to another generation?

Legacy: many shared memories of Mom reading to them, and Moms reading to their little ones now. What’s one of your favorite moments? I’m still turning moments into memories. I recently read four books to my grandsons. The next day, the older one gave a summary of each one to his Mom.

Open highways with no end in sight: reading takes us places we had never been and may never see except through the eyes of an author and our imagination. When I was recovering from a childhood illness (no shots for measles or chicken pox then), my Mom bought a book for me. I lived in the city, and although I was near Lake Ontario, I had never traveled to the ocean and never saw a seashell. The book she chose was Honey Bunch and Her First Visit to the Seashore. Even sitting in bed, propped with pillows, I traveled to the shore via a book.

Now, let’s look forward and offer open highways: share a book with a friend this week, read to a child, or thank an author via a book review. Attend a fundraising book sale, donate books, contribute to literacy projects. Any other ideas?

I’ve been wrapping hundreds of gifts for “Operation Santa”. Every child will receive an age appropriate book, among other presents. If you buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children, consider including a book among your gifts

“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.I Can Read With My Eyes Shut …Dr. Seuss

Or perhaps you can brew a pot of tea or coffee, find a good book, and disappear as you travel to a new place and meet new characters.

For those who may be reading this blog for the first time, the give-away closes on Oct 31. New subscribers and everyone who comments will enter a drawing for one of my books featured on this site. (see the post on October 7) Join our conversation. We’d love to hear more about your reading choices, those who influenced you, and how you are passing on the extraordinary treasure of reading and the gift of books.

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