Are you willing to assume your position?”

About a year and a half ago, at a women’s retreat, LaTan Roland Murphy challenged us to be courageous and answer that question. Two hundred women had personal interpretations and questions. “What is my position, why would I assume it, and where would it take me?”

Those positions—places in how we are poised to “do life”– ranged from pursuing a new adventure, relinquishing one activity to pursue another, developing a more intentional prayer life, and more. With enthusiasm and a few tears, women responded, “Ready, set, here we come!” Women left the meeting with anticipation, resolve, and curiosity about what was ahead.

Everyone’s new position met an unexpected life interruption the following year–the pandemic. That new position was one we never expected to assume. My grandchildren left a classroom to a position at a computer screen and instruction from their Mom.  Several friends no longer went to work but were either furloughed or worked from home. For me, social distancing meant online worship and no gatherings in homes with friends and family.

Now  months later, we are in another position of re-entry and recovery. We may be starting over, starting again, or staying in place. What frames our perspective so we “do life” well and respect others’ choices that are different from ours? As we think about our personal responses to reentry, we may or may not like social distancing in shops and restaurants. We may shudder when we see a fellow customer wearing a mask or cringe when a server isn’t wearing gloves. We may feel inconvenienced and annoyed;  perhaps ignored. We have our individual opinions, thoughts, and criticism on re-entry and responding to our community and its guidelines.

As churches, retail, restaurants, and services open, we choose how and when we will adjust and participate.  In my quiet time yesterday, I thought of several scriptures I want to try to apply as I adjust my thinking and begin re-entry to life positions that are different and in some cases, not in the way I would choose or like.

God’s  truth can frame our thinking, guide our communication, and influence action to live in harmony and humility.

“What is my position, why would I assume it, and where would it take me?” Scroll through the gallery, click on an image, and see if one or more of these verses frames your position in re-entry.  Do you have one to add?

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