I first became acquainted with Rabbi Jason Sobel when I logged in to a virtual program hosted by Carolyn Moor of Modern Widows Club. The topic considered widows sheltering in place during Covid. Rabbi Sobel pointed out that in Luke 8:42-48, we read about a bleeding woman who, desperate for healing, reached out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment. Ostracized, and without physical touch for twelve years, she illustrates the ultimate in isolation and sheltering in place. Anyone who lives alone, knows the void of no touch, and hers illustrates the loss.

In the beginning of the pandemic with its questions, unknown answers, and uncertainties, as a widow, I went without physical touch-hugs from my grands-for forty-five days. Rabbi Sobel’s sensitivity and call to reach out to Jesus impressed me.

     So, when the opportunity came to review his latest book, I responded. Ironically, I had just begun a blog series on God’s promises when his book arrived.

     Mysteries of the Messiah: Unveiling Divine Connections from Genesis to Today is all about God’s work, plan, and promises to send the Promised One. So today’s review fits with my topic of God’s promises in a surprising way, even to me!

In the initial pages, Rabbi Sobel shares his background, raised in a Jewish home in New Jersey, and his encounter with Yeshua.  He came to recognize the whole Bible is a connected story so much greater than its separate parts.

If you’re heading to the beach soon and looking to take a book along, this is not a light read. It contains some academic sections that might be a struggle. The alpha and numeric associations in the Hebrew alphabet (new to me) and illustrating the same Hebrew words in different contexts and books of the Bible, but carrying the same meaning, reflect his specific and academic approach. It takes concentration, and if you want to dig deeper, you’ll take additional time to open your Bible and read the full accounts.

But in exploring the presence of the Messiah from Genesis to Revelation, and comparing  Old Testament characters such as Joseph to Jesus, and the sacrifice of Isaac bound on a wood pile to Jesus bound to a wooden cross, the book leads us to remarkable connections.

As you read, you will find “aha” moments and encouragement. His discussion of Ruth and Boaz, and the line of the Messiah through a Moabite woman is touching, Rabbi Sobel gives a clear presentation that God thought about us in Genesis, and the Messiah is woven throughout scripture until the final verse in Revelation.

He says, when you read the Old Testament looking toward the New, you will see the complete story in “high definition” with clear vision in full color.. That is punctuated by his final sentence: “Today we need to step back and realize our Messiah has never and will never break His promises to us.” I would add, Selah.

If you’d like to enter a drawing for a copy of the book please click here.

Rabbi Jason Sobel is the founder of Fusion Global. This ministry seeks to bring people into the full inheritance of the faith by connecting treasures of “the old and the new.”

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