During the past few weeks, my friend April White and I have been busy launching our book Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart.

It’s been busy, fun, encouraging, and yes, exhausting. April and I also accepted writing invitations on other blogs. So this week, as I  take a breath, I’ll offer you a potpourri of hope-filled post written on other sites. Click on the links, read, and visit. You might even want to subscribe and read what my friends J.D. WinigerLori Hatcher, and CBN  offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Surprises & Trust: Is God Enough?

     A Change in Itinerary: Hope for the Journey        
senior woman having coffee alone
Thriving in the Unexpected    

4 Places to Find Unfailing Hope When Life Takes a Turn
How can we fill a room with the fragrant potpourri of hope? What spoke to you today?


Well into the first semester, here are 15 Timely Thoughts to Encourage College Freshmen

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