Happy New Year!

Did you stare incredulously at 2022 when you turned the calendar page or watched the ball drop at midnight? My conversations with friends who have lived through several decades asked the same question, “Where has time gone?”

The answer: same place it always has, starting at midnight and ending on the same, day after day. It’s not the answer we were looking for, but neither is the question. The real questions are: 

What will I do with my time? How will I choose to live in a year already ushered in by uncertainty? How can I make my days matter?

                                                                     How will we answer?

“So teach us to number our days, that we may  get a heart of wisdom.” Psalm 90:12 ESV

I have loved scrolling through my social media news looking at pictures of friends whose children have grown to teens. Others I knew as kids, are now married with children. Many of my former college students have children in college or are grandparents. Hair color may now be gray and photos with aging parents tell us those twenty-four hour days have passed into years and decades-right on schedule.

So let’s get back to our questions:

What will I do with my time in 2022?

How will I choose to live in a year already ushered in by uncertainty?

How can I make my days purposeful?

We often choose resolutions—lose weight, exercise, de-clutter, find a hobby, eat healthy foods, carve out more time with friends, read the Bible in a year… We work hard to keep those goals but sometimes we lose enthusiasm or our good intentions are interrupted. By February or generously at mid-year, we haven’t met our goals.

As I reflected on the questions of purpose for 2022, social media and emails offered a few ideas to share today:


Ask fifty-two friends to send you a Bible verse and place in on your calendar with their name at the beginning of each week. Pray that verse for that friend during the week..


As you wear new clothing you unwrapped Christmas morning, use a gift card, or are still in the middle of exchanging/returning gifts, think about gifts you want to give Jesus this year. Is it committed prayer for family, friends, and your church written in a journal; seeking out a lonely individual and inviting her for coffee or lunch; volunteering or serving in some way? One of my Facebook friends and her family have written their gifts on note cards for the past fifteen years.

Read to enrich, expand your interests and enlarge knowledge. April White, posted a few creative approaches on her page..Look for new reads: browse book store shelves for a series, a book with a beautiful cover, a best seller, biography, something out of your usual genre, mystery, inspiration, non-fiction to learn something new,a book about  another culture. And of course, one already on your shelf that you intended to get to a few months (years ago)  


Find a word or phrase to live by. Dayspring offers a word of the year test to guide you.


This year, may be the year to find a life verse or a verse for the year.. Click here for some direction.. It’s one way to reflect, be present, and move forward.


Reading through the Bible in a year, chronologically or in the traditional sixty-six books arrangement, is a plan many adopt year after year. Click here for a plan for you. My friend Lori Hatcher wrote an encouraging post to draw you nearer to God by adopting a reading plans.


Finally, build a jar of gratitude. At the end of each day, write something you are thankful for on a slip of paper. Wait until December to empty the jar and see all the amazement you experienced in 2022.

Does one of these appeal to you? Perhaps you have an idea to share with us? Join the conversation. We’d love to hear from you.

Looking forward to a meaningful year  with you.

Happy 2022!





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