Have you ever played the Quiet Game? I remember playing that game with my cousins. I don’t know what provoked my uncle’s idea, but one evening, he herded the kids into my grandmother’s living room while the adults enjoyed a card game in another room. He was a fun uncle, though probably the most quiet of the bunch, himself.

     “Okay kids,” he said, “The one who stays quiet and doesn’t talk wins the game.”

     Each of us wanted to win, so we sat in silence, looking up at the ceiling or straight ahead. One cousin squirmed to distract the others. Another followed suit and made a silly face. There were as many efforts to distract as there were kids. Finally one spontaneously spoke, and the others laughed before my uncle could point and say, ”You’re out.” No one won the game.

Being quiet was hard. There were a lot of distractions-curiosity as to what was going on with our parents’ laughter, and our inability to sit still.

Moving to adulthood, it’s still hard to live in quiet. Bombarded by noise around us-the noise of a lawnmower or delivery trucks in our neighborhood, disturbs our focus. We also hear noise from media, social media, and personal unpleasant conversations.

But what about our internal noise-our inability to sit still? In our life interruptions and life changing events, distractions take on a life of their own. Our wandering thoughts lead to unsettling places. “If I had only said…”- I wish I had done…” -“It sure would be better if______” -“Why can’t________”.  Disturbing conversations and events rewind and replay in our head.

Being quiet in the midst of noise is hard. That was my challenge a few weeks ago-to have a quiet heart in the midst of loud thoughts and emotions. With a heavy heart and distractions beyond my control, I desperately craved an exit and went to the One who could provide answers—not to circumstances, but for me. I had a soft landing on:

    The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. (Zephaniah 3:17 ESV) 

God’s presence and the promise of His unfailing love offers quiet in the midst of difficult and noisy circumstances. Other scriptures took me to reassurance of His constant companionship, His hand  over situations, and His unconditional love in stresses.

Even when those hard situations or people can’t or don’t change, when we squirm and make faces,  we can rest in God-confidence, be still, and be quiet. When we do, we always win the quiet game.

     What about you? How do you find quiet in God confidence? Share it with us.

If you’re looking for hope and peace for the unsettling places in life interruptions, please take a look at Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart. April White and I wrote this with you in mind as a guide to regain your faith and footing, and find quiet in life altering experiences.





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