It’s part of my Italian heritage to be sure no one leaves the table hungry. After dinner with family last week, I pulled out containers to store leftovers.

I grabbed one container and looked for a matching lid, then two, then more. I stared at the assortment. Not a single one fit.

Sometimes, nothing fits. There’s a disconnect between what I thought, and what is. What I had hoped, didn’t materialize. What I planned, didn’t happen. What I dreamed,  evaporated. We try to do the right thing; it doesn’t work and we stumble.

Do these scenes sound familiar? What do we do with mismatched lids and empty containers? When plans and hopes don’t fall into place and even emerge opposite? When a scenario unfolds and we stare in disbelief-even asking, why doesn’t God fix this?

This morning I spent time exploring my “mismatched lids and empty containers.” I didn’t look in cupboards, but in the Psalms. The beauty in reading Psalms, the longest book in the Bible, is that they include a variety-a lid-for every life situation.

We read of God’s faithfulness, praise for God’s greatness and power, prayers for insight and guidance, laments and cries in hard situations, confession and repentance, and songs of praise.

Let me share a few “lids” that fit when we feel empty.

  • In unpredictable and surprising situations, none are a surprise to God. He responds by lifting me up and sustaining me. The situation may not change, but I do, when I rest in His confidence. (Psalm 3, Psalm 143)
  • In sadness and irreversible situations, I am secure in His arms (Psalm 16, Psalm 46)
  • In working through a hard relationship or task, He supports me, even broadens my path, so I don’t collapse with the weight, my feet don’t slip, or my ankles turn (Psalm 18)
  • In doubts and discouragement, His Word offers trust, love, and wisdom (Psalm 19)
  • In tears, I know that He notices, and deeply knows I am sad and troubled (Psalm 56). I have hope in Who God is. (Psalm 111, 117)
  • In questions, He assures me He knows the details of my life. (Psalm 139)
  • In emptiness, His love and faithfulness have no limit. (Psalm 36:5)

Our disappointing and troubling life scripts aren’t pleasant, and if we’re honest, unwelcomed. But in our feelings of emptiness, they have a matching lid when we search the Scriptures. The problem may remain and may be irreversible, but the fit for security, comfort, and assurance of God’s promises and unfailing love are custom made for you.

Will you comment and share your experiences with the Word of God to sustain you hard times? How have you found “matching lids”?



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