Labor: Work and More

The first Monday in September is designated as a federal holiday, Labor Day.  Ironically, a day that honors labor, is a holiday and a day off from it. The long weekend to mark the end of summer recreation and the start of school, is often used as one last hurrah...

Happy International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate women. I am preparing a tea with friends and was reminded how valuable tea was when it first made its way to America. Tea was kept in a locked caddy and even the housekeeper didn’t have the key. It was kept by the woman of the home. Women...

Treasures from a Toy Box

I have saved a few of my daughters’ childhood toys and gradually unpacked some for my grandsons to play with when they visit. The toys are forty years old and it’s amusing to see how things have changed over the years. When my grandson picked one of the toys from a...

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