Speaking Topics: Guiding women toward hopeful living in ordinary and challenging days.

Marilyn would love spend time together at your church or community group.  marilynnutter@gmail.com

Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart. How do you manage life
interruptions? Marilyn and co-author April White share traveling with hope when circumstances
say otherwise. We’ll share our stories and talk with you about Changing Friendships in Loss and One Size Doesn’t Fit All: for Purpose. There’s more on the Destination Hope book page.

Growing in Life Seasons:
A New Life Perspective.
Unexpected Gifts in Unexpected Places

Hope in a New Chapter:
Passages in Widowhood.
The Uniqueness of Grief:
Fresh Starts: Change of Heart

Christmas Potpourri
Christmas Rest

A Cup of Joy: Tea and Friendship

Women Accompanying Women:
Small Group Training for Women’s Ministry
A Different Kind of Friendship
Leaving a Legacy

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