My friends and I were looking forward to traveling to one of the most spectacular places of natural beauty on earth- the Canadian Rockies. Flight times weren’t ideal with a 10:30 pm arrival in a new time zone, but we made the best of it. We landed in a connecting airport to discover our next flight was delayed. Thirty minutes was no problem. The minutes turned into an hour, and moving in increments, we were approaching arrival  at our destination around 1:30 am. For our bodies, it was 3:30.

Delays happen with air travel. We had some hilarious conversations with people in the boarding area and that brought distraction. We squeezed the lemons of waiting and made lemonade so to speak.

I decided to take a break, get up to walk a bit, and look out to see if our plane arrived at our gate. (Maybe we didn’t hear the announcement?) Instead, I was met by a beautiful sunset. I took a picture and sent it to my family adding text:  “We’re still waiting, but I saw this.”

A response came with hearts and a comment: “God sees and knows.”

[Tweet “There was no connecting plane, but we connected with another glimpse of God’s faithfulness and moved into settled waiting.”]

On any day, month, or life season, we are waiting. Sometimes it’s as simple as waiting for guests to arrive, or waiting for a table at a restaurant. It may be more serious waiting-for medical test results or a job offer. How do we wait?

Our waiting at the airport evolved from annoyance, to questions, then uncertainty, and imagining alternate plans. Finally we rested in settled waiting. The artist and creator of the sunset knew our whereabouts and His plans for us. Circumstances were beyond our control. We rested in waiting. We settled in. Eventually we boarded, and yes, arrived at 3:30 am, our body’s time.

Our destination held beauty beyond our imagination. From mountains to turquoise water; flowers overflowing in pots and spreading in gardens, and walking on ice fields, each new experience gave us “aha” moments.

[Tweet “Our daily waiting may not have magnificent beauty on the other side. Waiting may end with troubling news or more delays, even  the answer in a denial. But we can have the settled waiting of a sunset in God’s faithfulness.”]



We returned safely home after fourteen days. As luggage came around the carousel, friends retrieved theirs. Mine apparently, was left at another connecting airport. I returned home and unpacked my carry-on. I couldn’t resist texting my friends complete with a laughing emoji; “I’m completely unpacked!.” Not all waiting is met with humor or a desired outcome, but my suitcase arrived the next afternoon. I got to work waiting for signals that wash and dry cycles had finished.

What about you? How do you wait? Restless, making alternative plans, settled with confidence of God’s faithfulness, or do you sometimes find humor as you wait?

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