Finding extraordinary treasures in ordinary and challenging days.

Welcome! I’m Marilyn.

I’m Marilyn and so glad you stopped by.

My grandmother had a beautiful lilac tree in her yard. Occasionally, she would snip a few stems, place them in a jar of water, and set it on her kitchen counter. Even now, if I close my eyes and inhale, I smell the sweet fragrance.

Lilacs are a treasure and a trademark of my hometown, Rochester, New York. Colonists brought small slips of these beauties to the new world and later, varieties were developed by horticulturists. Today, thousands of people from around the world, visit Highland Park, where over five hundred breathtaking and colorful lilac varieties cover twenty-two acres. As a child, I went there to see an array of trees on Lilac Sunday in May.

A canning jar filled with lilac cuttings on the kitchen counter, the tenancy of horticulturists, and acres of varieties of lilac trees on display for the world to see. Each in its own rite is an extraordinary treasure.

Isn’t life like that, too? Small moments and big ones, ordinary and challenging times, personal and shared experiences? In each, we can find extraordinary treasures.

The simplicity of growing up in an Italian family that honors tradition, moving several times in my married life, raising three daughters, and the greatest challenge of my husband’s sudden fatal heart attack, have shown me the treasure of God’s faithfulness in all seasons. You can read more on my About page.

If you’re looking for encouragement and extraordinary treasures, you’re at the right place. Together, we can find peace during pain, wisdom for a decision, learning through waiting, compassion when grieved, and even joy when circumstances say otherwise. I invite you to meet me at my blog and join the conversation each week.

Looking for treasures with you,

Good morning: Prayer

Good morning: Prayer

and the winner is.... Good morning! I’m so glad many of you found last week’s post on prayer helpful and encouraging. Crickett's study book is one that will stir your heart and rethink the awesome gift of prayer. As promised, I drew a winner for Crickett Keith's book...well, my grandson drew the name from all who responded with a comment. The...

Guest Post: Crickett Keith-On Bended Knee

Guest Post: Crickett Keith-On Bended Knee

I met Crickett Keith at a writers' conference several years ago. I'm delighted to share her thoughts on prayer with you. Her current Bible study On Bended Knee was released last month. If you comment on this post, your name will be entered in a drawing to win a free signed copy of her book. . Prayer: A Ritual or a Relationship? Are you...

Words with a Friend

Words with a Friend

If you’re on Facebook, you are familiar with “Words with Friends”. If not, it’s like Scrabble. You can play the game on your phone with friends hundreds of miles away or with an electronic challenger. You can even play a solo game to enhance your skills. Last week, a friend I’ve known for decades flew in to visit. In the course of our...


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“You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.”

Psalm 16:11 (NIV)

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