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The hit that knocks you down doesn’t have to keep you there! Destination Hope is available at Amazon, B&N, and other retailers. You can also order a signed copy on my site.  $16.99 + shipping.
You may order Penned from the Heart by sending an email to and using Pay Pal. Others can be ordered on Amazon for print or kindle versions.


Penned from the Heart, Volumes 19 and 20 

New and returning contributors offer 366 days of encouragement, inspiration and challenge in poems and devotions from writers across the US, Australia and New Zealand. This book can be started at any time and read in any year. Marilyn served as editor for both editions and has several devotions in the book. $10.00  + $2.00 S&H

Devotions to Go Series: Thirty day devotions with you in mind!

Dressed up Moms Devotions to Go        

For Moms of all ages looking for a new wardrobe. A theme scripture verse and devotion with a wardrobe metaphor shows you the Master Designer’s wardrobe recommendations to draw on God’s character qualities as you face challenges; see Biblical principles to enhance relationships; discover accessories to release joy; and wear character traits to display God’s beauty. Each devotion is followed by an opportunity to “Dress up!”—-assignments for additional reading and personal application. $8.95 + $2.00 S&H


Tea Lover’s Devotions to Go

Steep in scripture, enjoy tea’s pleasures, and find refreshment for your soul. Teapots, keys to a tea caddy, or a simple tea rest are among the simple tea lessons that point you to see God in refreshing ways. It’s perfect quiet time reading for you and the tea lovers in your life. $8.95 + $2.00 S&H

“It was while I kept running past my rocking chair and my quiet place that God kept reminding me of Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God”. About that time I started reading Tea Lovers DTG. Immediately, I felt God nudging me to feast on and ponder each short devotion and soak in the nurturing and refreshing comments as it drew me back closer to God.” ~ Jan Wright, Charlotte, NC

Diva Delights

Wear your Diva lenses and find “aha” moments–a memory triggered by a favorite snack with friends, treasures in a storage bin, or God’s faithfulness as you develop “stretch marks” in challenges! Opportunities for personal application will inspire you to find extraordinary treasures in ordinary and challenging days. $8.95 + $2.00 S&H

“Diva Delights is a wonderful way to start your day! Written with humor and warmth and a depth of wisdom, Marilyn draws your attention to life’s details and helps you appreciate all the simple delights that God gives us every day. From spring cleaning to how children trade lunches, this devotional will open your eyes and your heart to the glorious riches that God pours out on us. There is a short activity or study at the end of each story, and an encouragement to seek out treasures in your own life. Thank you for a well written and beautiful devotional! I carry it with me to help me focus on the positive!” ~ Trish Green (Garden City, MI)

   Perseverance: 30 Devotions for Faith that Moves Mountains. Marilyn is one of thirty authors who share Biblical principles for walking in perseverance no matter what challenges and trials life throws at you. Learn from their experiences as they encourage you to walk with the Lord through everything this life has in store for you. Published by Devotable and available there or on Amazon.

                   Prayer Approaching the Throne of Grace: A 26 Week Devotional and Journal about Prayer  Marilyn joins twenty-six 26 different Devotable authors as we study and and learn how to have a prayer life that reaches the throne of God. Look back over your journaling pages and see just how good God is as we learn how to have a triumphant prayer life through this study, journal, and devotional. Perfect for individual journaling or a group Bible study through prayer. Available at Devotable or on Amazon.


Inspirational and entertaining contributions from several writers. Marilyn has a story in each of these. You can order on Amazon and follow Marilyn’s author page.


The Moments Books by Grace Publishing: Marilyn has stories in Loving Moments, Additional Christmas Moments and Cool-inary Moments. Several contributors are part of these moments which bring laughter and perhaps a tear or two.

  Humili8ting: Tales We Wish Weren’t True, Grace Publishing. Marilyn’s story of soap for dessert is written using only one syllable words. Forty-two authors invite you to laugh with them as they share some of their most cringe-worthy stories..

Bible studies:

 Feed Your Soul with the Word of God: (Lighthouse Bible Studies)  A banquet of thirty short Bible studies for personal study or group discussion. Each study is complete with Scripture, application for today, a prayer, and questions. Marilyn’s study of Words that Work is included. Available at Lighthouse Bible Studies and on Amazon. I’m pleased to be a contributor to this compilation and it is a 2020 Selah Finalist at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference.

Contributor to Feed Your Soul      The Power to Make a Difference: Strategies, Insights, and Encouragement in Forty Short Bible Studies (Lighthouse Bible Studies ) A compilation of studies that addresses The Power of Words, The Power of Doing, The Power of Knowing, and The Power of Prayer. Marilyn discusses “Overwhelmed is a Good Place to Be.” Available at Lighthouse Bible Studies and on Amazon.





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