Speaking Topics:  Guiding women toward finding extraordinary treasures in their life stories.

Marilyn would love to meet you and spend time together at your church or community group.  These and other topics can be adapted for meetings, luncheons or retreats. marilynnutter@gmail.com

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The Extraordinary Treasure of Personal Growth: Don’t Miss the Treasures! Profound lessons from an Alaskan cruise spill over into a new life perspective.

  • Giddy with Gratitude– the simple can be spectacular and the mundane, monumental if we look for more than what’s on the surface.
  • Dressed up Hearts:“Clothing” from scripture gives us gives us guidelines to make a real fashion statement.
  • The Comparison Trap:  Playing the comparison game and falling into the comparison trap may work for a day, but over time can be disastrous.
  • Quiet in the Midst of Noise:  Quiet is a sought treasure and difficult to find in today’s noisy culture.  This presentation offers creative ideas for developing a consistent quiet time with God to grow in you relationship with Him and discover His unique plans and purposes for you.
  • Fogless Mirror:Our reflections offer us lessons in perspective. When we remove the fogginess of our own perspective and agenda, we discover much and move forward.
  • Yes, You Can Be a (Real) Diva!  Be encouraged to reduce stress, simplify your life and increase joy that will set you on a path to becoming a diva who makes a positive difference that matters.

The Extraordinary Treasure of Hope in a New Chapter: Passages in widowhood.

  •      The Uniqueness of Grief: Grief is not a destination but a complicated journey. Marilyn shares her personal experiences to connect with women who have lost a spouse; sharing a grief and mourning journey and awareness that each woman grieves in her unique way.
  •      Only His Suitcase:What carries you when your life takes a dramatic turn? Marilyn shares her journey of God’s presence and faithfulness applied to trials and challenges when life is interrupted.
  •      White Space: The end of a chapter signals the beginning of another. See how the white space can be filled in with meaning and purpose, as we explore Fresh Starts: Change of Heart

The Extraordinary Treasure of Christmas:

  •    Christmas Pot-Pourri: Leaving a lingering beautiful fragrance during the holiday season may require a change of mindset and plans. This talk has been well received for women’s Christmas teas and events.
  •    Christmas Rest: How did the cast of characters in the Christmas story rest even when circumstances dramatically changed? This devotional talk looks at the characters’ “movements” and responses.

The Extraordinary Treasure of Tea! 

Topics are inspirational and practical and include A Cup of Joy, Tea and Friendship,and others.

The Extraordinary Treasure of Accompanying Women on Their Journey:

  •      Small Group Leadership for Women’s Ministry: Adding tools to a small group facilitator’s toolbox: leadership training and ideas for developing relationships in your group.
  •      A Different Kind of Friendship:  The dialogue between Mary and Elizabeth gives us a model for genuine treasured friendship. This presentation can be geared toward mentoring and/or can be combined with the joy of sharing tea together.
  • Leaving a Legacy: making today count with purpose for tomorrow’s memories and legacy..

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