National Book Month Blog Give-Away ~Pure Honey: Part 3

In our National Book Month series, it’s been fun to share favorite books and experiences, but we can’t close the month without discussing the most popular book ever written. The Bible is the world’s best-selling book of all time, with no other book coming close. About...
Are You Looking for Change?

Are You Looking for Change?

During a New Year’s Day supper, the conversation moved to resolutions. My friend said she never makes resolutions. “Well, this year I made a goal. Ten pounds. I want to lose ten pounds.” Another chimed in and said she has a hard time keeping her resolutions and is a...


I admit I’m directionally challenged. I rely heavily on my GPS even when I’m familiar with routes. I use it because I anticipate the possibility of encountering a blocked road and I know I’d go into panic mode if I don’t have a guide to direct me. On a few occasions,...

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